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Grand Prix Zagreb Open 2018

Grand Prix Zagreb Open Wrestling Tournament

About wrestling

Wrestling is one of the oldest and most useful sports for a man whose great content has remained unchanged to date. The folk forms of wrestling are as old as human civilization. Wrestling is the oldest martial art and has been around since the start of all the Olympic Games so far.

As a sport, wrestling occurs in two ways: Greek-Roman (Classic) and Free Mode.

These styles differ significantly in the following:

In the Greek-Roman wrestling mode, it is strictly forbidden to grab an opponent under the hips, forcing the leg and actively using the leg to perform the procedure.

In Free Wrestling Mode, on the other hand, it is allowed to grab the opponent’s legs and to actively use the leg to perform the action.

The first beginnings of sporting forms of wrestling in Croatia coincide with the creation of the soccer companies in 1874. To the incentive of Dr. Franjo Bučar, initiator of the founding of many sports clubs in Zagreb, some members occasionally engaged in wrestling.



The Croatian show of the year will feature the best world wrestlers, including the Olympic, World and European conquerors. The tournament will take place in the sports hall “Dom Sportova”



Following the preliminary round, the main round will be played in Zagreb and Varazdin. The three best ranked teams from Group A and Group B will continue in the main round group in Zagreb, while the top three teams from Group C and Group D each will play in the main round group in Varazdin. The venue for the final weekend is the Arena Zagreb in the nation’s capital.

Here is the complete schedule of the Main Round Groups at Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia.


Tkalčićeva street

Tkalčićeva street or as we call it  “TKALČA”

A flowing street

Only a few steps away from the main city square, the downtown bustle disappears as if by magic. If you want to experience Zagreb at its most relaxed, you should head to Tkalčićeva Street, lined with cafés, bars and restaurants, a beloved meeting place of the citizens of Zagreb and any visitor just passing through.

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The Upper Town, formerly called Gradec, has kept its old appearance to a great extent, and includes a number of Zagreb sites. Located on the slope of the Medvednica Mountain, it was fortified with walls and towers in the 13th century, and many legends are associated with it, like the ones of the Bloody Bride and Stone Gates – the only remaining out of four gates to Gradec, where there is still a unique and frequented shrine covered with devotional plates.